About us - Summary

Direktor Ing. Edmund Brenner

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

born as son of a railwayman on the „Westbahn“ (which is still one of the major routes of the ÖBB) my strong affinity belonged to the railway since my early youth.

After constructing a model railway landscape and after my job in leading positions of the companies "Voith AG" and "ELIN" I managed to fulfil my dream with buying a steam locomotive "Reihe 52". Step by step I bought more of the historic steam locomotives which made it possible for small and big enthusiasts of the railway history to participate in the experience of a steam powered train ride.

Together with my son Christian I established the "B&B Dampflokomotiven Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H." in 1983. The "B&B" stands for "Brenner & Brenner", father and son.

During the last 20 years the B&B company operated several hundred special trains with great success not only in Austria but also in the neighbouring countries. Nine different steam locomotives (from small local locomotives up to huge express locomotives) plus special adapted railway-cars are ready for various kinds of tours.

The B&B-Trains are available for journeys of works outing, conventions and conferences, incentives, christmas partys, promotional activities, but also simply for a nostalgic excursion into the glamorous past of the Austrian railway history.

These trains became also „stars“ in many film and tv-productions such as "Lenin, der Zug", "Anastasia", "Feuersturm", "Strauß-Dynastie", "Shining Trough", "Strudelhofstiege", "Verrückte Kerle", "Der veruntreute Himmel", "Gustav Mahler", etc.

At the beginning of the commercial use of the trains the excursions happened to be more short-distance traffic (esp. in the region of lower Austria) but when the express steam locomotives "919.138" and "33.132" were part of the B&B-Trains, the manageable distances increased a lot. The „Nostalgic-City-Tourism“ became popular. Budapest, Prague, Budweis/Krumau, Venice, Trieste but also more distant cities like Amsterdam were friendly hosts for the popular steam powered trains.

To make Your journey as pleasant as possible the "B&B - Blue Train" luxury trains were created. These trains have high-quality salon and dining cars. Beside the I. and II. class configurations there are a "Heuriger"-, a "Csárda"-, a dancing- and some sleeping-cars available. It is also possible to attach these wagons to a regular train (for smaller groups).

Please let me inspire You to a journey into the past with one of the nostalgic trains to a destination of Your choice. Our Website will give You a good overview of different locomotives, trains and destinations.

It would be a pleasure to welcome You on board of one of our trains.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us - E-Mail: bb-bluetrain@chello.at

With best regards,

Dir. Ing. Edmund Brenner

President of B&B Dampflokomotiven
Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.